Kalergi’s Baby: The Hydra That Is The European Union

From out of many, one, then not so many of the once many.


hydra hera

By Mufidah Kassalias

(GLARING Hypocrisy) Europe has a long and bloody history. Empires have risen and fallen, wars have repeatedly redefined national borders, and the human cost has been untold amounts of death and suffering.

Today, however, there are no wars within Europe and we are all, apparently, ‘united in diversity’.

The motto of the European Union since 2000, these three short words tell us exactly what we should think. No doubt no expense was spared in hiring a top PR firm to come up with this nifty-sounding Orwellian slogan that, in true Big Brother fashion, works to brainwash the masses into believing we truly are stronger together — a ‘many heads are better than one’ scenario.

Europe Many Tongues, One Voice & Tower of Babel

Rewind almost 3,000 years to the first account of the mythological hero, Heracles, who was tasked with twelve labours by Hera in the hope that he would be defeated and killed…

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