Opportunist Newt Gingrich Despises Donald Trump

I think Sessions qualifies.

Exposing Modern Mugwumps

Former Speaker compares himself to a pirate attacking the system

Opportunist Newt Gingrich Despises Donald Trump

Newt Gingrich has emerged from the political wilderness as a potential vice presidential pick for Donald Trump.

Newt is an opportunist. He secretly reviles Trump. But he can put that aside to resuscitate his political career and escape the narrow confines of the Fox News Channel.

Earlier this week ProPublica posted remarks Gingrich made during a closed door meeting with Republicans in February.

“How we make the transition from, you know, language for fourth graders to real policy, I don’t know,” the former Speaker of the House said.

Trump has “somehow figured out some weird combination of the Kardashians,” Newt continued, and said the Donald is not a real conservative. He sided with the National Review on that one, a magazine founded by William F. Buckley, Jr., a Skull and Bones…

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