Mogherini And The EU Disinfo Task Force

The Shadow Masters using Marxism and Islam to take over the world is manifest here. Some will be going on their Druidic NWO vacation in Northern California (Bohemian Grove) in a few days, one must wonder how what they decide in affects their recent Bilderberg decisions.


Mogherini with Zarif in Tehran.jpg Islamophile Communist, Federica Mogherini, dons a headscarf to sign the suicidal Iran Nuclear Deal on behalf of the EU

Random googling in research of an article brought up an interesting result which bears some further looking into.

I had been trying to see what further info I could get to back up / disprove the claims in the article Jo Cox Murder: Killer Potential MKULTRA Victim. I googled “SVR Kremlin Jo Cox” to see if I could locate the source behind the articles claims that the assassin of Jo Cox and the failed killer of Donald Trump were treated at the same hospital and there were links to a CIA operative.  As you will recall, both men are English, both attempts were within days of each other, both men are allegedly mentally ill and acting alone.

I found this link:

Take a good look around this…

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