Gun-control professor calls for shooting up NRA, leaving no survivors

Clear the fog of delusions that are all around us, see and side with the good, and stand against the plots prepared to destroy our values and lives.

Fellowship of the Minds

An important mark of sanity is that one must conform to the rules of logic.

Liberals, however, are creatures of illogic and are prone to logical fallacies. As an example, this blog, Fellowship of the Minds, regularly gets comments by liberal trolls scolding us for being “judgmental” and lecturing us to “judge not”. But it escapes them that in scolding us for being “judgmental,” liberals are being just that — “judgmental” — and so violate their own injunction to “judge not”.

The latest example of liberal illogic is an adjunct assistant professor of philosophy at a community college in Ohio who is anti-gun and pro-gun control.

Note: Being an “adjunct” means one is not tenured, nor even on tenure-track, but teaches part-time and can be terminated at any time

On June 13, 2016, Adjunct Assistant Professor James Pearce of Southern State Community College (SSCC) wrote on Facebook, calling…

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