Nick Freitas: “this argument between “nationalism” and “globalism”

If one wants to see what being corrupted absolutely does, one will see it in the tyranny of globalist rule.

Dover Beach

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“Honestly I’m very frustrated by this argument between “nationalism” and “globalism”, because neither side seems to define their terms in anyway that is useful for anything other than rallying mobs.
Globalism in so far as you mean free trade and the peaceful exchange of ideas is a great thing. Globalism in terms of multinational agreements which centralize power and diminish self rule is horrible.
Nationalism in the sense of a pride in one’s nation and cultural institutions is great. Nationalism in the sense of economic protectionism and isolationism is horrible.
George Soros is a globalist whose polices I despise…
Kim Jong Un is a nationalist whose polices I despise…
The fundamental debate is not between “globalism” and “nationalism” but between individual liberty and private property rights or central planning and statism.
If you support nationalism without defending liberty and property rights, you will simply end up with a different brand…

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