Independence Day!

We have to look out for ourselves, many who are supposed to help us in that reasonable assignment are now looking out for only themselves.


great escape.jpg

We’ve done it!

Despite everything, the British people have spoken, and having done so – we have shown the Western world the way!

NO – to Globalism – over National Sovereignty

NO – to unaccountable corrupt Elites

NO – to anti-democratic, liberal fascistic Totalitarianism

NO – to ‘Open Borders’ / Multiculturalism / Mass-Migrationism


All this achieved against incredible odds.  Suffice to say, in the coming weeks I think we will hear more about electoral fraud and shenanigans, already there are videos circulate of vote-counters using erasers and then writing… people will scream ‘she could have been doing anything’ – but what on earth would a vote-counter be doing with an eraser?

Then we had Project Fear – months of doom laden, idiotic predictions – WW3, the end of Western civilisation, civil war, causing worldwide recession… everything but alien invasion or Nigel Farage was actually the Antichrist.  Most of…

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