Orlando Shooting: The curious Pulse gay nightclub

Analyze this carefully, remember, the NWO promoters are frantic in their attempt to disarm law-abiding Americans. We even have politicians sitting on the floor of the Congressional Building in a tantrum. Are they ignorant of the most evident facts, or are they counting on us to be stupid.

Fellowship of the Minds

In the early morning hours on Sunday, June 12, 2016, a lone gunman named Omar Mateen, after exchanging fire at the door with an armed security guard and two “nearby” police officers, entered Pulse, a self-described “gay dance club” in Orlando, Florida. There, Mateen shot dead 49 and wounded 53 of the club’s estimated 320 patrons inside the club.

That leaves 218 people alive and unwounded who, including some of the wounded, we are told, sought shelter in the club’s two bathrooms.

Mateen retreated to one of the bathrooms, taking an indeterminate number of hostages with him. While county sheriff and city police officers waited outside for three hours, Mateen managed to send text messages, as well as a 911 call in which he declared his allegiance to ISIS/Islamic State. Eventually, SWAT teams blew holes in the exterior walls of the club’s bathrooms, exchanged shots with Mateen, killing him.


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