EuroBabel: Shocking Occult Symbolism of the EU

Where, why, and how some people want us headed. The when, in process, is unknown.


Today’s blog is a little bit ‘out there’ so be forewarned.  The EU Parliament Building has a shocking similarity to the Tower of Babel of numerous ancient cultures, which I hope to prove on the balance of evidence was intentional, despite EU protestations to the contrary. This can only lead to a deeper discussion of not only why they would wish this to be the case, but what their intentions for Europe are, and what ideology drives them.

You will be shocked at what you are about to discover. Let’s take our first step down the rabbit-hole.

1 – The EU Parliament Building

EU parliament strasbourg.jpgEuropean Parliament, Strasbourg

The European Parliament building (the Louise-Weisse-Building) in Strasbourg (France) appears to be modelled on the famous depictions of the Tower of Babel, although this is denied. The 60m high tower section of the complex, added to existing low-rise offices, cost 470 million Euros.  It was designed so as to appear unfinished…

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