Capitalist Mind, Christian Heart

The spirit of Mammon can get out of control, then, look out!

Real as the Streets

board room with the words capitalist mind, christian heart: the inevitable conflict of interest

I hate hypocrisy. Hate it. There’s nothing wrong with being wrong because we’re all so very wrong and Christ took care of those wrongs.

But being wrong and presenting yourself as right- that’s beyond wrong. That’s just… just dirty.

I have an entire section dedicated to my business-related blog posts. Why? Because marketing, finance, and economics absolutely fascinate me. Until I had a ‘Come to Jesus,’ my religion wasn’t Christianity- it was Capitalism. My idol was money.

You’re probably getting a better idea of just how misguided I was. 😛

*Spoiler Alert*: God set me straight in a big way. But anyway…

The more I learn about business and the sweetheart of free enterprise, the more my stomach churns with disgust. The more grateful I become that God yanked me away from the monster I was trying so desperately to feed.

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