Vox suspends editor for inciting violence against Trump; San Jose police allowed violent attack against Trump supporters

Can we see who is really for us and really against us yet? Can we see who hates our freedoms?

Fellowship of the Minds

Here’s another sign that the United States has devolved into a Third World country.

Americans once prided ourselves for being a civilized democracy where the bullet is replaced by the ballot, unlike those primitive “banana republics” of the Third World.

No more.

Vox is a news website run by Vox Media, founded by liberal columnist Ezra Klein in April 2014.

Emmett ResinOn June 2, 2016, in a tweet, Vox’s deputy editor Emmett Rensin, 26, urged people to “start a riot” if Donald Trump comes to their town/city. His tweet received at least 349 ♥ likes.

Emmett Resin tweet1In a follow-up tweet, Resin clarified his call to start a riot, stating that whereas murder is not legit, it is legitimate to destroy property, shout opponents down, and disrupt all events.

Emmett Resin tweet2It turns out Vox has its limits. The next day, on June 3, Vox’s editor-in-chief Ezra Klein announced that Rensin has been suspended

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