Another attack on the Bill of Rights. All some want you to know is limited to what they want you to know.


When is Congress going to stop these companies from having a monopoly and quick jacking the people around?  This is abuse!

Well – Thank you Google Aromattics – They did it again!  They disconnected all of my sharing with – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Path, and Tumblr  since March 4, 2016.  I had to re-sign with each of the areas and the password for that account.  So it looks like I will have to check each day.  These people are continuing to work with Obama and manipulate the blogs to shut down the conservative viewpoint.

Microsoft and Google are manipulating the information in concert with the media which people are sharing with others since the news media are so crooked.

As we now know – the Democrats are manipulating the voting.

Remember what Soros said – It is not the voter who counts – it is the counter who manipulates the…

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