What is the planned future? Survival of a very few “fittest” only with robotic replacement of everyone else? Nah, they wouldn’t do that!


It seems Clinton, Sanders, Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, and Carson continue to define a new “perfect” government to replace the previous “perfect governments that didn’t work out.”

The next stop for the Republican candidates will be Las Vegas, NV.  As was evident in the past elections – there is growing evidence that a deep and widening schism has developed in our country since the election of Obama.  There are rumblings of alienation, discontent, and frustration in our country.  We have four tiers of frustration.

The first tier is the Democratic Party’s tier of socialist and muslims which covers Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  The next three tiers are in the Republican Party which is the Elite Republicans sponsoring Marco Rubio, the next is Ted Cruz who is sponsored by Wall Street, and the last is the outsider Donald Trump who is sponsored by the American people.

If we vote for either of…

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