Corporations are more equal than people.


Elect Trump and he promises to straighten out this whole corrupted mess.  It is going to take a business man not a politician or a lawyer to turn this government upside down. These Democrats, Elite Republicans, and Obama have put us in this hole.  Ted Cruz knows and helped create this problem.

Banks Quickly Abolishing Your Ability to Use & Store Cash


By Damon Geller
Many responsible citizens believe in paying with cash and storing their cash at home, in a bank, or in a safety deposit box. But banks & governments have suddenly become hell-bent on abolishing your use and storage of cash, by restricting the ways you can spend & deposit your U.S. dollars, and reporting countless cash transactions to the police & government.

The question is, why? The frightening fact is, our government has recently instituted numerous programs to track your financial accounts anywhere in the world…

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