Millennials want you to comment on their online trip photos

If the perception created for us is pleasant, then reality as we know it is acceptable. When reality becomes reality….

Fellowship of the Minds


From The Seattle Times: Millennials wish they could be more like the people they present themselves to be on social media. At least, one-third of millennials who travel feel that way, according to a study on the generation’s travel habits from Expedia and the Future Foundation.

Expedia reports that 32 percent of millennials surveyed, and 40 percent of those who travel internationally at least once a year, said that they present an, ahem, idealized version of themselves online. And they want to be more like it in real life.

The generation’s travelers also want friends to take note of their spectacular travel photos. In the United States, 46 percent of millennial respondents said it’s important to them that people comment on the trip photos they post on social media. Just 20 percent of people from other generations said they felt the same way.

“This is not to…

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