Processed carbs can make harmless tumors deadly

Good reasons to avoid sugars and flour, and not just for diabetes.

Exposing Modern Mugwumps

* Do our loved ones & friends KNOW ?
* Note taken from The Daily Dose with Jack Harrison – 4/17/16

Don’t reach for that donut yet!

If you’re slim and trim, you might think you’ve got a little wiggle room in your diet. You can cheat a little, right?


Bad food is bad food no matter what you weigh, and the latest research shows how the worst junk of all can have devastating health consequences — and it doesn’t matter if you’re shaped like a pencil or a beer barrel.

You’ve read right here in the Daily Dose that carbs are the worst of the worst — and not just because they can cause weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease.

New research shows they can cause something far worse and often deadlier: CANCER!

The new study looked at “high glycemic index” foods that cause the quickest spikes in…

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