Doctors are leaving Vermont’s healthcare system

Absolutely corrupted power is in the future.

Fellowship of the Minds

What will you do when you’re sick, but you can’t find a doctor?

Frustrated with how they are being paid for their professional service, more and more physicians and other healthcare professionals in Vermont — socialist Bernie Sanders’ very liberal home state — are opting out of the state’s increasingly socialized healthcare system.

doctors against obamacare

Emma Lamberton reports for Watchdog, April 12, 2016, that struggling Vermont health professionals are going private or leaving the state, in order to provide quality care for patients.

Even going private is not a solution. Third-party payers like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare, and Medicaid negotiate their payment rates with individual providers. But as public systems continue to grow larger, hospital monopolies can negotiate better pay rates than private practices, resulting in a pay equity difference of as much as 240%. 

In Vermont, Medicaid pays doctors only 60% of the cost of providing services, while Medicare pays 80%.This means…

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