This dog paints abstract landscapes!

He painted that landscape from memory, no en plein air.

Fellowship of the Minds

Jumpy the dog artist

Not only can dogs fly planes (see “Rescue dog learns how to fly a plane“), now there’s a dog who paints!

Jumpy is a border collie mix who is quite the Renaissance dog. Not only is he a Hollywood stunt dog, Jumpy is a master skateboarder, wall jumper, and can autograph his name.

Jumpy ‘s trainer, Omar von Muller, has figured out a way to guide Jumpy with a paintbrush. Watch this talented doggie paint an abstract landscape in the video below, his tail wagging happily.

Jumpy’s painting, in my judgment, not only rivals, but is better than the garbage that some pretentious humans pass as “art,” such as this piece of blue crap by Barnett Newman which Sotheby recently sold at auction for a whopping $44 million (see TrailDust’s “Artist as Con Man“).



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