Terrorism Expert: “ISIS Will Laugh” At Obama’s Gun-Grabbing Terror Speech

Disarm those who are peaceful yet want to protect our country so that those seeking UN or other military forces to take us into global tyranny will have a promulgated reason to be called to the “rescue.” Kissinger’s idea.

Exposing Modern Mugwumps

Author rips apart Obama’s “self-congratulation and cheerleading.”

An author who has extensively researched ISIS has declared that the terror group will laugh at the President’s address from the Oval Office last night, because it is patently obvious that Obama’s strategy, if it can be called that, is failing.

“I think they’ll laugh, frankly… We’re actually not winning this war… His head is in the clouds if he thinks this current strategy is going to succeed.” said Daily Beast writer Michael Weiss, co-author of “ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror”.

While other pundits lauded Obama over the speech, Weiss brought viewers back down to reality, slamming Obama’s words as “self-congratulation and cheerleading.”

“When the President came out and said ISIS has been contained and he was speaking to the geographical expanse of their so-called caliphate, last week, the Chairman of the Joint…

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