Whom do you serve, a small circle of friends ever getting smaller as they ever tell bigger lies, or your country?

Exposing Modern Mugwumps

I have to disagree with Mr.Ticktin, they don’t hate Hillary, the love globalism, and they hate anyone who isn’t in on it with them.  Bill Kristol has already said he’d vote for Hillary if Donald wins the nomination..
Peter Ticktin

 – – A personal note from Peter Ticktin who knows the guy from high school:

As a law firm, we at The Ticktin Law Group do not like to get involved in politics. As soon as we endorse one side, we risk alienating everyone on the other side. Also, our lawyers and staff are, themselves, on both sides. Politics is not our game. However, Justice is!

If you saw a guy get publicly smeared, and you knew him well from the days you were friends and seniors together in high school, if you knew him to be a decent and honest man, would you want…

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