That dreadful moment in the presidential debate…

Quick, more fluoride in the water, the natives are getting restless!

Fellowship of the Minds

size-check Last night the Republican candidates argued over penis size. If any one of them wings, should we expect a 4-8 year string of international humiliation?

…when you have second thoughts about your candidate

Yup, our candidates thought it worthwhile to argue about the size of their d***s. Rubio shouldn’t have gone there, and somebody needs explain to The Donald there is such a thing as too much information.

So, who are our choices on the opposition team? 

Oh yeah, in the Democratic party it’s between a left wing narcissist and a lying murdering female crime boss.

Oh well, I guess we are back to a fixation on size.

Anyone want to speculate about this being part of a Saturday Night Live skit this weekend? Reporting from the LONG trail of presidential politics. 

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