Super Tuesday: vote fraud looming? Flashback: Prop 37

Anti-Americans, promoters of the NWO, are terrified at the prospect of a natural born citizen who loves his country becoming its president. In fact, they want either one of the two ineligible candidates, Cruz or Rubio, to win. You know, continuation of Citizen of the World (not the elgible U.S. citizen) President. I wonder if either Cruz or Rubio become President, will he win the Nobel Prize for Peace soon after the inauguration?

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Super Tuesday: vote fraud looming? Flashback: Prop 37

“There was the famous 2010 experiment, in which a team from Ann Arbor, Michigan, offered to hack the District of Columbia’s voting system. They broke in and reversed the count in the mayoral election. They also fabricated absentee votes from overseas and canceled out the real votes.” Jon Rappoport

By Jon Rappoport

For the Republicans, 12 states and 661 delegates are up for grabs in the Primaries today. Trump is favored to rack up major wins.

If he doesn’t, and if instead Rubio (the GOP Party bosses’ choice) suddenly emerges, look for vote fraud.

As Paul Watson (Infowars) reported this morning, people in Travis County, Texas, have called KLBJ radio to report their votes for Trump were changed on the touch screens: Rubio’s name came up. That would indicate an intentional programming alteration.

There are obviously several ways to achieve vote fraud:…

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