Muslim Animal Abuse: Iran injects stray dogs with acid; Arabs push donkey over cliff

Meet your new neighbours. Be nice, don’t offend, give them whatever they want.

Fellowship of the Minds

St. Bonaventure, correctly, called animals “creatures without sin,” for it is we humans, not animals, who are each born with Original Sin — concupiscence or fomes peccati (tinder for sin).

Every country treats some animals in a utilitarian and unfeeling fashion, consuming them as food. In the United States, meat-eaters are oblivious or willingly blind to the corporate meat industry that confines cows, pigs and chickens in cramped cages where they live out their short wretched lives, fed a diet of hormones and antibiotics.

In some Asian countries, notably South Korea, cats and dogs — bred to be man’s companion for millennia — are consumed as food. (Read more about it and a campaign to stop it here.)

South Korea dog meat industry

To deliberately abuse a “creature without sin” is terrible and bespeaks a person without empathy. Even worse is deriving pleasure from that abuse — sadism that is indicative of psychopathy. That…

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