Look Who Just Pledged $32 Billion To Promote Islam And Sharia Law In America

Let’s recognize and appreciate the great value we were given by those who came before us and stop our national clearance sale.

Exposing Modern Mugwumps

My Comments:  What this article does not tell you is that Alwaweed bil Talal is also invested in Fox News and Wall Street Journal with Council on Foreign Relations member, Richard Murdoch.  He certainly affects what is shown on Fox and printed in the WSJ.

stupidsImage credit: demidoff / Shutterstock.com

Anti-Islam activist Pamela Geller sees Alwaleed’s generosity as a Trojan Horse.


 Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a senior member of the Saudi royal family, announced that he will be giving away his entire $32 billion fortune to charity–but his past statements and commitment to promote Islam in the United States have raised red flags for some.

Alwaleed Philanthropies’ statement regarding the prince’s intentions indicates his donation would “help build bridges to foster cultural understanding.”

“Philanthropy is a personal responsibility, which I embarked upon more than three decades ago and is an intrinsic part of my Islamic…

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