Muslim Leader Demands that Western Countries Allow Muslim Child Brides because “It’s Part of their Culture”!

Prodigal nation, our Father awaits our return.

What Did You Say?

waving flagBy Onan Coca / 15 February 2016

CHILD ABUSE CHILD BRIDESIn much of the Muslim world there are a few cultural oddities that are out of step with Western Culture. One is that polygamy is not only allowed, but encouraged in many Muslim majority nations. The other is the equally disturbing but far more disgusting practice of child brides.You see, in much of the Islamic world, it is acceptable for an older man to marry a child if the family is willing. Now Muslim religious leaders are demandingthat the Western nations that they are invading also allow Muslim men to marry children! In Denmark, the government has already allowed girls as young as 14 to marry older men, even though the legal age of consent there is 15. However, even this is not enough for the Muslim invaders, as they would like the “freedom”…

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