Some people are not just not satisfied with having enough, they can be unhappy with others not having little enough. Violation of Tenth Commandment, they covet everything the neighbor and everyone else has.


eminent eminentdomain

It’s one thing to offer a home owner up to $5 million in repeated offers to buy a piece of property worth 6 figures, and walk away when it is clear the answer is no, as in the Case of Vera versus Trump. Of which the property is still standing, only to be looked upon as a run down eye sore.

It is also important to note that Trump’s casino investments in Atlantic City helped to turn a run down area that was on the skids, into a thriving hot spot on the map. Yes, that’s right. Atlantic City was run down and on it’s Detroit styled economic death bed until Trump invested in it and built it up, making it the thriving Atlantic City tourist attraction we all came to know an love, in spite of a rather out of place building standing out in the middle.

It is…

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