‘Alien fish’ caught on Caribbean island.

I’ll have the broiled alien fish with no name and a fine Chablis, but, first, get me a lot of anything 80 proof or greater and in great quantity.

Exposing Modern Mugwumps

Folks, If you have no idea what is happening here please check out the movie “The Island of Dr. Moreau”, watch it carefully and multiply exponentially… There are things going on you need to know!


Is it fish or just foul? ‘Mutant’ sea creature with a nose, feet, tail and WINGS baffles Caribbean island

  • ‘Alien fish’ caught on Caribbean paradise island baffles fishermen
  • Animal had ‘two feet with toes, no fins and a perfect human nose’
  • Local fishermen are still trying to determine what the sea creature is

An ‘alien fish’ caught on a small Caribbean island has left experts baffled, as they struggle to determine its species.

The creature reportedly has ‘feet’ which allows it to walk across the seabed, a ‘ perfect human nose’, and scales like a fish. 

The sea…

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