Socialism (Big Government) always eliminates individual freedom for the good of the collective (the politicians)!

Whom do you support, producer or parasite?


The Insanity of Government & Socialism – Complete Failure

Speaker-Corner-London Soap Box

I have been warning that government expansion reduces economic growth and acts like a black-hole sucking in more and more wealth reducing economic expansion. If government keeps growing which produces no wealth, ultimately you end up with 100% government consumption = communism. We should be standing on our soap boxes in the tradition of Speakers Corner at Hyde Park, in London and yelling HEY, WHERE THE HELL ARE WE GOING!


Here is a chart produced by OECD which nobody pays attention to. This clearly shows what I have been warning about. The higher the tax rate, the lower the economic growth. A reader sent this in commenting that EVERY POLITICIAN should be shown this chart. The problem is, they lack the comprehension to understand what it means. There are two scales and we all…

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