Do not open email from Interfax! – it contains a virus

Trojan horse from Moscow?

Fellowship of the Minds

Interfax is a Russian non-governmental news agency based in Moscow, founded in 1989 by officials from Moscow Radio.

It is part of the Interfax Information Service Group, a group of approximately 30 companies that consist of national, regional and branch information agencies under the Interfax name. It employs around 1,000 journalists and produces over 1,500 stories daily.

Here’s an alert posted on Interfax’s website:

Interfax logo

Virus Emails coming from InterFAX – DO NOT OPEN

Please DO NOT OPEN virus emails appearing to arrive from Interfax

It has come to our attention that an unknown third party is sending malicious emails which contain a javascript virus. The email is spoofed to look as though it was sent from the email address

This is NOT an email sent by InterFAX, and you should NOT open the attached file.

If you get any email posing as being sent by Interfax, DO NOT OPEN IT. Delete…

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