Death Wish: Swedish government provides sniper training to Muslim migrants

Before you look down on the Swedes too much, know that there are many violent jihad training camps in the United States, and there have been for many years. With that, we have a President, media, and others mentally muddled who want to disarm the American public while hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Islamists who hate us are ushered in.

Fellowship of the Minds

Since 2012, the Swedish government’s Migration Agency has provided training to Muslim “immigrant youths” to target shoot with sniper rifles — all in the name of teaching the Swedish language, as well as socializing and integrating the migrants into Swedish society.

Allehanda Media, headquartered in Västernorrland, Sweden, is the merger of two newspapers — Tidningen Ångermanland and Allehanda. With a staff of 94 employees, Allehanda Media had an annual revenue of $1,615,000 in 2008. Its web service is

Catherine Östholm reports for (Google translation) that the sniper training program began on a small scale in fall of 2012, then “exploded” in spring 2013. By then, more than 50 “immigrant youths” from all over the world, including Syria, Afghanistan, and Africa, were enrolled in the biathlon course in Sollefteå, in Sweden’s Ångermanland province.

Sollefteå, Sweden

Reporting from Hallstaberget shooting range, Östholm writes that one of the “immigrant youths” is Maria Ibrahim, who is…

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