The strawman and you, politics, the UN, NGOs and the consent of the governed

The paragraph leading with “The UN wants its laws to be ratified and accepted worldwide.” tells us that we will have no say in the matter. Of course not. Later, Alice Bailey and Lucid Trust are mentioned. Alice Bailey, allied with Madame Blavotsky, both theosophists, created the Luciferian magazine that became published by Lucis Trust and was called “Foreign Affairs”, with the publisher listed as the Council on Foreign Affairs. UN and Lucifer.

Selah Ministries

This video is vital viewing for all. You need to know the cage you’ve been put in, and this video, even though it is long, is required viewing to be able to understand how the laws of man have been used to confine and enslave us.

This is well worth two hours of your time.

Let me just talk a little more about law – this comes from the UN’s own ‘Rule of Law’ website:

“The notion of the “rule of law” stems from many traditions and continents and is intertwined with the evolution of the history of law itself. The Code of Hammourabi, promulgated by the King of Babylon around 1760 BC, is one of the first examples of the codification of law, presented to the public and applying to the acts of the ruler.” Read more here on the UN site: Link

Babylon is not a place we…

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