People are willing to pay $85 for this sandwich. So why is only one made each day?

Do they deliver? (Yes, from the kitchen to the table.) Do they have Drive-Thru? I think not.

Nwo Report

Emily Faber

Living in New York, high prices can become the norm. You’re paying $13 for a midday salad from the closest no-name lunch spot in your office building, a $54 bar tab might not even get you tipsy, and rent prices tend to come up as frequently in conversation as the weather. When you hear about an $85 sandwich, you might pause for a moment, sure, but it’s too easy to dismiss it another gimmicky trend that the city will have moved on from by the time the seasons change.

But at SakaMai, their $85 beef sandwich is rich not only with the decadent meat responsible for its unusual price tag but with the culture, customs, and history surrounding Japan’s world-renowned but often inaccessible Wagyu beef industry.

And when the New York City restaurant limits their offering to just one sandwich served each day, as intriguing as it…

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Commonwealth in secret succession plans

A most plausible explanation for the indifference to the gross abuses of the native British, especially women, by the flood of sharia-imposing jihadist’s.

Nwo Report

The Commonwealth has secretly begun considering who might succeed the Queen as its head, the BBC has learned.

The issue is hugely sensitive because the role is not hereditary and will not pass automatically to the Prince of Wales on the Queen’s death.

The Commonwealth has set up a “high level group” to look at the way the international organisation is governed.

This group is meeting later, officially to review how the Commonwealth is run by its secretariat and governors.

However, senior sources added that the gathering in London would also consider what happens when the Queen, who turns 92 in April, dies.

One said: “I imagine the question of the succession, however distasteful it may naturally be, will come up.”

The agenda for the all-day summit…

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Privacy Alert! Disqus data breach!

To whom it may concern.

Fellowship of the Minds

Some websites require you to have a Disqus account in order to comment.

Disqus is a worldwide blog comment hosting service for web sites and online communities that use a networked platform.

Last night, LifeLock issued an alert that has incurred a data breach.

If you have an account with Disqus, this means whatever data you’d entered at Disqus is compromised, including your email address and your password.

Below is the alert from LifeLock:

Description: The site has been reported to possibly have suffered a data exposure that could include emails and passwords. The possible exposure would have happened in June 2012 although it was reported in February 2018.

Where Found: Dark Web, , a term used which may also include the deep web or a peer-to-peer file sharing network.

Password: Exposed online

LifeLock’s advice:

  1. Change the password associated with the affected website or email service immediately.

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Lucifer is at work to destroy our churches and country. Some/many church leaders would render Christ unto a Caesar of the NWO Babylon.

Mario Murillo Ministries

“Mario, you are more politician than evangelist”, said the preacher.  So, I asked him, “Why aren’t you speaking out against the policies that are destroying our nation’s morals?  He said, “I would lose people in my church.”  “In other words” I said, “you would lose votes.”  You’re the politician not me.

Notable Christian leaders, specifically Max Lucado, have stated that they did not speak out against Obama but have now chosen to speak out against Trump. Lucado found Trump to be rude and again, feels his immigration policy is anti-Christian.

It makes zero sense.  Obama was loading our children with debt.  Obama was the most hostile president to the Bible in history.  Obama gave us same sex marriage and fought to retain late term abortion.  Obama opened the Pandora’s Box of political correctness that has the racists calling everyone else racist, and the fascists calling everyone else fascists.  Obama is…

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‘Should We All Speak Esperanto?’ (2012)

Globalism, working to rebuild its New World Order (Babylon) with everyone speaking Esperanto. The spirit of Nimrod.

Lee Duigon

I admit that the fans of Esperanto who reply to this blog post aren’t half-bad at making their case for it. I tip my hat to them. And I strongly agree with their position that obscure little minority languages ought to be preserved.

But I remain convinced that the whole Esperanto project is a bad idea. We once had a common language and God took it away. We’ll have one again when He decides it’s right. Until then, I think we should oppose anything but the lordship of Jesus Christ as a basis for uniting nations.

Should We All Speak Esperanto?

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Making America Great Through Exploitation, Servitude and Abuse

The old chamber pot calling the shiny new kettle black.

Astute News

The public denunciation by thousands of women and a few men that they had been victims of sexual abuse by their economic bosses raises fundamental issues about the social relations of American capitalism.

The moral offenses are in essence economic and social crimes. Sexual abuse is only one aspect of the social dynamics facilitating the increase in inequality and concentration of wealth, which define the practices and values of the American political and economic system.

Billionaires and mega-millionaires are themselves the products of intense exploitation of tens of millions of isolated and unorganized wage and salaried workers. Capitalist exploitation is based on a rigid hierarchy with its private prerogatives, which enables the oligarchs to demand their feudal privileges, their seigniorial sexual predations.

US capitalism thrives on and requires unlimited power and the capacity to have the public treasury pay for its untrammeled pillage of land, labor, transport systems and technological…

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How To Survive The Crypto Crash

Re the 1945 NYC street video, “Traffic lights! We don’t need no stinking traffic lights! The letter j as in Jay walking was not created until later.

Easy Money


  • Did a bear market in cryptocurrency just start?
  • Many people are convinced that cryptocurrency will crash sooner or later and investors should at least consider the possibility that this could happen.
  • What to do if you believe in the future of cryptocurrency and are currently invested?
  • Having experienced the previous Bitcoin bear market from the end of 2013 until 2015, I will share some lessons I learned.

Down from a maximum market capitalization of about $800 billion, the cryptocurrency market has been falling to less than $600 billion in a less than 2 weeks. At moments like these, it can seem like the sky is falling. Almost all cryptocurrencies have fallen dramatically in a very short time period. The big three Bitcoin (COIN), Ethereum and Ripple are all down more than 25% from their all time highs. At the time this article gets published it could already…

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