New York Times: Israeli and other foreign intelligence have the goods on pedophile D.C. politicians

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Fellowship of the Minds

It is said that a major reason why no one in authority would investigate Pizzagate is because many politicians, including those in D.C., are pedophiles, and that they are blackmailed by powerful intelligence groups, domestic and foreign — including Israel’s Mossad — who have “the goods” on their child-sex activities.

But all of that is speculative chatter on the Alt-Media.

Thanks to enterprising Voat netizen DawnKeyhote, we now have none other than the New York Times making that assertion via an Associated Press story. But it’s the NYT of 35 years ago when the Times still conducted actual journalism, not the NYT of today, which dismisses Pizzagate without an investigation, and whose CEO Mark Thompson, in his previous position as director-general of the BBC, had refused to investigate the hundreds of allegations of child sex abuse by British TV personality and notorious pedophile Sir Jimmy Savile.


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Here’s Some Frightening Honesty (Courtesy Of The US Congress)

Source: Here’s Some Frightening Honesty (Courtesy Of The US Congress)

At the beginning of the Bush-managed Reagan administration, the United States was the world’s greatest creditor nation, and, when those eight years were up, the world’s greatest debtor nation.  During that time, manufacturing jobs started to go to Japan; later, they flowed to China.  NAFTA, GATT, and the following Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama years brought us a nation without an industrial base to provide reasonably well-paid workers to meet expenses.  However, indebtedness was part of the plan, borrow money the create a world government with American blood on money owed to major banks.  After the planned economic collapse, the nation most of our ancestors struggled to build will be taken over by the world bankers.  In the last century, George H. W. Bush made a speech to the UN in which he declared (without our approval) that henceforth American citizens would pledge their allegiance to the United Nations.

Anyone dislike Fascists and Nazis?  It was major bankers who financed them years ago and are doing so today, but with Muslims and Marxists added to the mix.  Whatever it takes to create a global dictatorship to establish that tyranny of absolute corruption through absolute power.

Emma Goldman and the American Anarchist Movement

What form of capitalism is being discussed, crony, monopolist, oligarchical … or free market with good rules (as the Sherman Antitrust Act, the Clayton Act, and others) overseen by honest, dedicated, and competent referees.

The Most Revolutionary Act

Emma Goldman: An Exceedingly Dangerous Woman

Mel Bucklin (2004)

Film Review

Other than the pro-capitalist depiction of the self-governing anarchist democracy Franco and his Wall Street supporters overturned during the Spanish Civil war, most of this documentary is historically accurate. The commentary, in contrast, is sentimental psychobabble and considerably detracts from the film.

The film beings with Goldman’s arrival in the US in 1885 at age 16 – escaping from an arranged marriage in czarist Russia. It would be four years before she connected with anarchists and other radicals in New York City.

The Panic of 1893, in which the US economy nearly collapsed, would launch her into the public spotlight. She led numerous protests marches of unemployed workers and spent a year in jail for incitement to riot. There was a crowd of 2,800 waiting outside the workhouse on her release.

American anarchists were extremely well-organized during a period…

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Here’s Why North Korea Released a Christian Pastor | LifeZette

The post speaks very well for itself.

Korean Americans for Trump

North Korea has released a Canadian pastor who was convicted of attempting to undermine the regime of Kim Jong-un. The pastor was freed on humanitarian grounds, state media reported Wednesday. The Rev. Rim Hyon Su, also known as Hyeon Soo Lim, was accused by the state of using religion as a ruse to overthrow the government. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in December 2015. Lim, who is in his 60s, had written to his family members about stomach pains and high blood pressure, according to CNN. In an interview with the network in 2016, he said he prayed daily and was the sole prisoner in his camp, where he was forced to dig holes eight hours a day, six days a week. He asked for a Bible but did not receive one. The South Korean-born pastor of Toronto’s Light Korean Presbyterian Church had pleaded guilty to trying to undermine…

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Crisis actors dressed up like witches put hex on President Trump in California park

Suicide hexers dealing with spiritual explosives of which they know little. But will find out.

Fellowship of the Minds

Sandy Coronilla reports for ABC10 that on Saturday, April Fool’s Day, a group of “a dozen or so” self-described witches gathered at noon in Balboa Park, San Diego, to put a hex or curse on President Trump.

They call the event “Fire the Fool San Diego!”.

Dressed up like witches with green face paint, the participants raised brooms above their heads and danced around a cauldron. They also marched through the park, chanting “Trump is a fool, Trump is a clown, we are here to shut him down.” One participant held up a sign that read, “I hex DT to protect America”; another wore a red “Make America Native Again” hat.

Participant Mary Lou Finley said, presumably referring to Trump, “It’s incredible that anyone could be so stupid as to do so many things that are hurtful to the American people.”

Note: I found, on Spokeo, a Mary L…

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Revelation 1:8 KJV and more!!

He is and was … and is to come to clean up the mess we have made as we believed Lucifer and followed his ways rather than His ways. And what a mess, can’t you see it coming?

Kristi Ann's Haven

Revelation 1:8 KJV ) “I AM Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, Saith the LORD, which IS, and which Was, and which IS to Come, the Almighty.”!!

Revelation 1:11 KJV ) “Saying, I AM Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last: and, What thou seest, write in a book, and Send it unto the Seven Churches which are in Asia; unto Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, and unto Pergamos, and unto Thyatira, and unto Sardis, and unto Philadelphia, and unto Laodicea.”!! 

Revelation 19:16 KJV ) “And HE hath on HIS Vesture and on HIS thigh a Name Written, KING OF kings, AND LORD OF lords.”!! Jesus-Yeshua Christ IS KING of kings and LORD of lords, HE is the ALPHA and OMEGA, Hallelujah and Maranatha!!

Revelation 21:6 KJV ) “And HE said unto me, It is done. I AM Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and…

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