Dead again: Sandy Hook child victim Noah Pozner also killed in Pakistan Taliban shooting!

Fellowship of the Minds

6-year-old Noah Pozner allegedly was one of the 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School who allegedly were shot to death by Adam Lanza on Dec. 14, 2012.

If you go to the “Remembering Noah Samuel Pozner” Facebook page, described in “About” as “The OFFICIAL Facebook Page for Noah Pozner (Approved by Noah’s Parents),” and click “photos,” you’ll see a collage of photos of Noah.

Pay special attention to the partially-cropped pic on the right, in which Noah’s head is slightly tilted to his right. Note his smile and the distinctive fleece (sheep skin?) collar of his jacket.

Note from Eowyn (March 20, 2015): I removed the photo collage of Noah because his father, Lenny Pozner, claims copy right protection of all images of Noah and succeeded in getting WordPress, this blog’s server, take down those pictures, without even notifying me first. WordPress also threatens to shut…

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Heads Up! New EternalRocks Worm More Dangerous Than WannaCry, Has No Kill-Switch [VIDEO]


Published on May 22, 2017

Seven cyber exploits purportedly stolen from the US National Security Agency (NSA) have been identified in ‘EternalRocks’, a new type of malware detected by a Croatian tech security advisor.
Similar to the WannaCry malware which struck hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide this month, EternalRocks apparently draws on NSA-identified network exploits EternalBlue, EternalChampion, EternalRoman, and EternalSynergy.

Learn More:………

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If China Can Fund infrastructure with Its Own Credit, So Can We

When did we cease to own ourselves?


May 15th-19th has been designated “National Infrastructure Week” by the US Chambers of Commerce, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and over 150 affiliates. Their message: “It’s time to rebuild.” Ever since ASCE began issuing its “National Infrastructure Report Card” in 1998, the nation has gotten a dismal grade of D or D+. In the meantime, the estimated cost of fixing its infrastructure has gone up from $1.3 trillion to $4.6 trillion.

While American politicians debate endlessly over how to finance the needed fixes and which ones to implement, the Chinese have managed to fund massive infrastructure projects all across their country, including 12,000 miles of high-speed rail built just in the last decade. How have they done it, and why can’t we?

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Drifting on Still Water~

Powerful birds. They and other waterfowl know that and act accordingly.

“But now they drift on the still water,
Mysterious, beautiful” WB Yeats

Swans swim,

in synchronized,


Mama delicately rolls her precious eggs,

to keep them evenly warm,

and plucks her feathers to tuck them in.

Black swan,

slides in singular grace,

while Narcissus is bewitched by his own reflection.
Cheers to you from European swans in springtime~
(Note: These swans were photographed swimming wild in France and Germany).

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Bilderberg 2017 Meeting in U.S.*

Upset because you were not invited? There are billions with whom to commiserate.

Hwaairfan's Blog

Bilderberg 2017 Meeting in U.S.*

Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange covers the breaking news of the Bilderberg Group’s location and date of this year’s secretive meeting. We go over correlation of Trump’s impeachment with the location of this year’s meeting in D.C, the lies in the official Bilderberg group press release, its contradictions, and its history.


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